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Mg - wynne, who is a clean-shaven, alert, active, young-looking man, and who has been not a figurehead as Health Commissioner, but one who is a worker and one who has been in the van of progressive and of all beneficial health matters, because we were more than surprised (and not a little shocked) to see his picture in a tooth-paste advertisement! Is it a case of a good man gone wrong? The New Y ork County Medical Society evidently believes he has gone wrong, because last night JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF NEW JERSEY was accepted at a meeting at the Academy of Now the writer frankly would be surprised if similar action had not been taken by the Medical Society of New Jersey in a similar The pity of it is that it strikes a modest, unassuming, capable man; but this, however, instead of palliating the error, makes it more important and grievous even after Dr. To speak meteorologically, what should be sought is a high mean temperature within temperate limits, a low relative humidity, and a small 15mg daily range.


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