Our process

The Planning:

Our core philosophy is to appreciate how special your wedding day is to you. You are celebrating a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and you want to record the people and the magic of the event forever. To help us to do the best possible job, we will meet with your event organiser before-hand to become acquainted with you and also the venue and surroundings. Familiarising ourself with this will help us understand how you as a couple (or any other parties to be photographed) react and be placed in the composition. We want to achieve the most captivating stills for you to cherish in the years to come. Learning about the venue will enable us to plan the best photographic opportunities possible, while ensuring that we remain as unobtrusive as possible. Together we will draft a timetable for the photographs, minimizing interruptions to the on-going event.

The Day:

From sunset to sunrise we will be silent observers in order to secure the most natural and unforgettable pictures. Opportunities throughout the day may arise to move into an environment that will best convey that moment. With the fore-mentioned time table, these will not be unexpected or stressful in the slightest. If anything, Photo By Moon will endeavour to ensure it’s a fun time that may even enhance your day.

After Honeymoon:

Now the day has passed and, before the memories fade you will want to create the photographic storyboard that suits you best to preserve the memories forever. Selecting the best pictures from all we have taken on the wedding day will be another memorable experience. Browsing through the snaps at Photo By Moon’s client area is an interactive process. You get to say which photographs make the final album. Once we receive your selections, you will be presented with an album (and / or DVD recording) in a beautiful leather binding.