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Future results and effects both positive and negative of the computer age gambling industry remain an unknown (online). In the latter case, revocation by operation of law depends on the principle that the derivative authority expires with the original authority from which it proceeds: thus death or bankruptcy of the principal would terminate the agent's authority (s) (strategy).

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Abuse policy and guidance documents: provides alcohol- and drug-abuse prevention and control policies, as well as individual responsibilities.

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At the other extreme, casinos in densely populated areas would likely stimulate demand (flash). Principal among games these are the fact that Internet gambling: The most serious of my concerns surrounds the use of the Internet and the new technology that it represents to avoid federal and state regulatory controls and frustrate state policies on the availability of gaming within their jurisdictions. He dodged me downtown by going into the Cecil, leaving by the back way and coming through the Savoy; but I picked him up again within two minutes of his reaching Stephano's.

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