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Golden gloves pin

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The introduction of the straight flush was a good thing because it took away the sure thing element, and it allows a man to bet on four aces with a clear conscience.

But I must say, however, that I doubt the authority of that decision. But suppose a man does such a thing, -and you find he has acted illegally, have you not power to compel him to pull the additions or alterations down? The only course is to take him before a magistrate; but if we cannot prove that he did it we cannot take proceedings against him at all If my inspector goes round and sees something of the kind, and makes inquiry, he will probably be told," Oh! that has been up for years"; and we cannot space has been made into a kitchen, and the cooking goes on immediatelv next to the water-closet, a state of this kind requires attention? Undoubtedly; but under this Act we have no power:

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