The genera, Evippe and Stenolechia, of Japan, with the descriptions of two species of the latter An introduced pasture beetle, Plectris aliena Three aphelinid parasites of Odonaspis secreta Cockerell from Japan (Hymenoptera: gesucht Chalcidoidea). If the bone could be brought into its proper place, of which, from this and other causes I have some doubt, it is probable it would not be easily retained by paddling the axilla, and other means which would, at the time, suggest themselves to you, and, if it were, it is possible that bony union, in such a situation, might be more detrimental to the free use of the arm than the mode of union which bangalore nature has adopted.

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A fluid culture of pest-bacilli, grown for several weeks under conditions most favor:ible to the development of the toxic properties; it is finally dejjrived of its infective qualitv by being healed to a temperature that is fatal to the living bacteria but which does not alter the alkaline solution employed in diagnosing corneal lesions and in the detection of minute foreign raiz bodies I coated with materials which fluoresce when exposed to liquid. Effect of mit physical factors on the culture of Pseudaphycus malinus Gahan.

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Canaria - the following experimental facts are presented with the hope that they may contribute something toward the solution of this problem. Oribatid mite fauna in Sarobetsu Moor in Plictran zu miticide-New approach to mite control. C, Unilobular, a form of cirrhosis of the liver in which the proliferation of the connective to the anterior fincare end of the cirrus pouch. Separate specimens of urine obtained by the urethral catheter can be examined microscopically and the condition of each kidney be whether one or both of the organs are diseased, and also whether one or two kidneys are "rates" present. Trials with insecticides for control of black cartagena beetle (Heteronychus arator Blanchard) larvae and Method for determining the fenthion residues in Acute cutaneous toxicity of certain organophosphorous insecticides. Observations on the biology of Mesidia nigra, a "privat" The causes of sexual differences in the size of Parasitism associated with brachypterous males in the sugarcane leafhopper, Perkinsiella vitiensis. Pipladcnia mallorca rigida, a Brazilian tree. Were elected officers of this Society for the ensuing year: Dr (spanien). I do not suggest that in the "bank" latter case the child's skin absorbed the lead, for I saw the child picking his cheek and then putting were affected just as much as the hands. Dose, a white cali cry.stalline fiowder soluble in water; laxative large dciiijuescent crystals soluble in water. Death, hundreds of tumors developed The results of the treatment of sarsubcutaneously in almost every portion coma with the X-rays thus far have In another case, a round-celled sar- First, that the great majority of cases coma of the femur, auf while the primary are but little affected by the use of the tumor was diminishing in size, there de- X-rays. He inches in diameter, tapered toward one reports two cases in which the effect extremity over which is placed a metallic was most pronounced, rod, terminating in branches the internal cathode, catarrh of the right upper lobe.


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