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Sun Sep 2012 PHOTOBYMOON in News no comments

We had a busy summer with many weddings and also my personal art project to fit in.
It’s been a good year for my fine art work with a few exhibitions and good publicity.
I also had a few opportunities to exhibit my current photographic projects but this time in Edinburgh.

In July I participated in a group show ‘kompas: an exhibition exploring visual research’ alongside my Ph.D. colleagues at the ECA, University of Edinburgh. In August, I had a group show that was dedicated to portrait photography with my fellow photographers Sylwia Kowalczyk, Simon Crofts and Claudine Quinn in the Coburg House Gallery.

We had brilliant feedback and many visitors to our show.
Also Charles Guice an American contemporary art critique published a great article for the show.

Recently I was involved in the new Edinburgh art collective’s show launching at the Old Ambulance Depot.

Currently I am working as an associated artist, collaborating with one of the University of Edinburgh’s departments, the Centre for Research on Family and Relationships (CRFR). The project is planned to last 15 months and hopefully we can arrange an exhibition by autumn in 2013 in Edinburgh!

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