Exhibition 4482 [sasapari] Rhizosphere in London

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4482 [sasapari] Rhizosphere, the 4th Korean Contemporary Artists in London

Thu 24 Feb to Sun 27 Feb
Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, South Bank London SE1 9PH

I recently travelled down to London, participating in a group exhibition ‘4482 [sasapari]’ with one of my portrait photographs from my photo series ‘Women in Modern Societies’.

The 4th 4482 [sasapari] exhibition represents the largest ever showcase for Korean contemporary artists living and working in the U.K. This year, entitled ‘Rhizosphere: Directions in Motion’, it presents the latest work from 60 artists at the Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, a cavernous 4-storey building located in London’s South Bank cultural quarter by the River Thames.

A ‘Rhizome’ is a subterranean stem spreading out in any direction. It is a system of connections with no hierarchy and no order. The title; ‘Rhizo + Sphere’ refers to both the space and time of the exhibition, reflecting 4482’s nature as a continually evolving voluntary group of artists with works covering a wide variety of themes, ways of expression and mediums.

Since 2007, 4482 [sasapari] has continued to highlight and document the works of an increasing number of South Korean artists in London. All participants created their works in Britain with Korean emotion and artistic talent. It aims to represent the cross-cultural dialogue in which the artists are inevitably engaged and is mirrored in the group’s name, 4482 (pronounced sasapari in Korean), a combination of the Korean and UK international dialling codes.


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